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( K 2 ) 1987.

Chiltanies headed by hayat in snow training camp at the Base of K2 mountains 1987,

Mr.Simon James Brooks eminent international cave Photographer and surveyors representative of Orpheus CC & British Cave Research Association presenting Book Award to Mr.Hayatullah Khan Durrani First Pakistani Eminent Cavexplorer & founder of cave exploration sports in Pakistan.

Chiltan Adventures Association,

1.The central philosophy of the Chiltan Adventure Association is to introduce Mountaineering, Caving, and Camping. Rock-climbing, hiking and rescue methods for the protection of wildlife Natural history Museum, National and Natural Heritage, as a token of the national integration among the young generation, bringing them together, developing a team work spirit and upholding the motto of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah i.e. Unity, Faith and Discipline. It is basically concerned with participation and cooperation in decision making during adventures ventures to protect them from drug abuse with providing them healthy activities as a sport and inculcates a sportsman sprit in an individual and makes the person confident patient and an other important aspect of our activities plays the role in the process of learning and lives of those who get associated with it in any form, and an experience by it self, it provides a unique and rare opportunity to study the surrounding from highest, learn about the wild life and nature with study of exploration of caves thus developing impersonal effectiveness and discovery of one relation ship to the environment and Natural history museum.

2. To promote/ organize and conduct expeditions and related activities, Mountaineering and cave exploration etc., to mention records of significant achievements in the field of Hi-king/ mountaineering, camping and exploration of caves. To keep liaison with all official and non-official organizations concerned with the same or similar objects in Pakistan and abroad to coordinate operate certify and promote Hi-king/Mountaineering activities & caving sports in Pakistan. To set-up clubs on provincial and regional basis for the promotion of above mentioned activities in Para one to encourage the youth of follow healthy outdoor hobbies & activities. To inculcate in the minds of people the idea of self help for promotion of their social welfare and improvement of fields of physical health and recreation through Chiltan Adventure mutual Association and cooperation. To protect the new generation from the critical abused addiction of drugs like and other social evils and lead them to work together for the dignity of the national cause and be responsible citizen. To publish books maps and pamphlets for the use of members. To rise founds through donations, grants, subscriptions, investments, contributions and otherwise and administer hold and utilize the funds, property and assets for achieving the objectives of the association. The Association shall be absolutely free from party politics and all prejudices with regards to relation, casts, color, and breed.

3. The CAAB organizes skill test for members to select groups of youngsters for training to participate in special expedition as B-class members before they are considered for undergoing theory and practical lessons on cave exploration and mountaineering. Series of training programs are organized concerning different: aspects of Hi-king, Mountaineering, Rock climbing, Camp Counselor, Map guide, Wild Canoeing, Walk for a cause for (Protection) of wild life and Juniper Forests (World Heritage) rescue methods etc. and natural history museum and cave exploration operations in which members of CAAB could come and apply and participate with the permission of Chairman, President and secretary of CAAB Operating all around the year and also circulates courses in different environment to identify members formation of teams for national and international level exploration of caves and expeditions,

A generally well equipped rescue squad of CAAB & PCRA members are available all the time for any Incidence disasters.

The courses and training events are open to all members except those who have to clear the aptitude and fitness test. The Association has a range of equipment concerning training in the Mountain/Climbing/Cave exploration camping and outdoor life in Snow and Wilderness basic facilities of Canoeing and rescue methods to the members.

The promotion of all mentioned activities as a regular and reputable sport in Pakistan. Programs and events are regularly circulated among members and also advertised in papers interested members are required to apply on prescribed forms along with the applicable fee to the secretary general of CAAB in certain cases financial support is extending under privilege persons which is covered from the donations and grants received by the Association


1- Union of International Speleolology (UIS)

2- Pakistan Cave Research & Caving Federation.

3- Pakistan Sports Climbing Federation.

4- British Cave research Association, (UK)
     (under concideration.)

5-  Orpheus Caving Club, (United Kingdom)

6-  Adventure Foundation Pakistan. (Islamabad)

7-  Alpine Club Of Pakistan, (Islamabad)

8-  Balochistan Sports Control Board,

9-  Balochistan Olympic Association,

10- Hayat Durrani Water Sports Academt.

Social Welfare Deparetment(Govt,Of Balochistan)


(1) Pearl Institute of Management & Information Technology (URL.www.pearlweb.edu.pk)

(2) Loralai Adventurer Club.  

(3) Sports Climbing Club Quetta

(4) Quetta Rock-Climbing Club,

(5) Kohi-Shin Adventure Club,

(6) Zarghoon Adventure Club Qta.

(7) Mariabad Adventure Club Qta.

(8) Chothair Juniper Defenders and Adventure Club.

(9) Sirki Adventure Club Quetta.

(10) Jabl-e-Noor Adventure Club Quetta.

(11) Alpine City Adventure Club Quetta.

(12) Pakistan Customa Sports Board Quetta.

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SPECIAL THANKS TO: ....................... Mr.Hayatullah Khan Durrani (Pride-of-Performance) Internationally renowned Mountain Climber & first Pakistani Eminent Cave Explorer, Pioneer of Cave Exploration Sports & Research in Pakistan. (For provision of Record Photographs & History).

MR.Mohammad Raza,(United Kingdom )
Mr.Khalil Ahmed Khan (Canada)
Mr.Anwar Mohammad Khan, (Switzerland ,Geneve )
Mr.Ibrahim Jan, (Afghanistan)
Mr.Noorullah Khan Durrani, (Norway)
Mr.Amir (Germany)
Mr.Mohammad Hashim, (I.R.IRAN)
Mr.Sardar Khan Durrani, (Denmark)
Mr.Syed Mahmood Khan, (United States America)
Mr.Khadim Husain Durrani, (France)