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The Government of Pakistan
has Proclaimed 2003 as Year of Mother of Nation Muhtarma Fatima Jinnah Sister of founder of Pakistan Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah & announced internationally Golden Jubilee year of Nanga Parbat Mountains In this regard three Days Unity Faith & Discipline Snow Training Camp was held under the auspicious of Chiltan Adventures Association Balochistan with the assistance of Pakistan, Custom Sports board Quetta & PCRA on 07th to 09th February, 2003,between Ziarat & Chuthair Valley (Sarrobai),under supervision of Mr. Hayatullah Khan Durrani (Internationally renowned First Pakistani eminent Cave Explorer) founder CAAB / PCRA & Director Alpine Club of Pakistan Balochistan Branch to mark the year of Mother of Nation Muhtarma Fatima Jinnah with great zeal & enthusiasm to create sense of patriotism and to prepare the participants confident to join the Golden Jubilee Expedition of Nanga Parbat Mountains (2003) Golden Jubilee expedition of K2 Mountains (2004) & fourth coming Glacier Training Camp June 2003 organized by Alpine Club of Pakistan (Isb) & also to bring awareness among the young generation for the protection of National heritage worlds second largest Juniper Forest in Ziarat Valley to Introduce the Mountains of Balochistan on International Level for the Promotion of Mountaineering sports & tourism.

Senior members of CAAB/PCRA Mountain Climbers / Snow Climbers and Cavers, Juniper Defenders participated in the above mentioned Snow Training Camp. Some junior members also participated in the few parts of Snow training camp along with each members of Pearl Adventure Club (Pearl Institute)& GPEESS & Loralai Adventure Club Affiliated with CAAB