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K-2 Golden Jubilee Report of Chiltan adventuresrss Association Balochistan (Pak).




ABDUL SAMAD KHAN KHILJI (SHAHEED) Secretary General, Chiltan Adventures Association. (Pak)Deputy Director CAAB Juniper Defenders.

MOHAMMAD ALI KHAN MANDOKHAIL (SHAHEED) Finance Secretary, Chiltan Adventures Association (Pak).Secretary General, Pakistan Cave Research Association.Deputy Chief Instructor CAAB / PCRA Training Courses Activities.Secretary General, Balochistan Sailing & Yachting Association



“ HAJI ” SYED THIMOOR SHAH (SHAHEED) Assistant Director CAAB / PCRA Training Courses Activities.Assistant Director CAAB Juniper Defenders.Still Photographer, Chiltan Adventures Association.


NASIBULLAH KHAN KHILJI (SHAHEED) Instructor CAAB / PCRA Training Courses Activities.Liaison officer CAAB Juniper Defenders. Office Secretary/Video Cameraman, Chiltan Adventures Association.




WAQAAS AHMAD KHAN (AANJHANI) Liaison Officer, Chiltan Adventures Association. (Pak)Assistant Instructor CAAB / PCRA Training Courses Activities. (was also killed in the accident.

Chiltan Adventurers at the Base camp of K-2



Chiltan Adventurers at the Base camp of K-2 by the end of sucessfull expedition



(Governor House Quetta) Chiltan Adventurers with Governor Balochistan Mr. Owais Ahmed Ghani, Hayat Durrani and Malik Abdul Rahim are also standing with,


Chiltan Adventurers at the Concordia Base camp K-2 with Gerygory Alimano and Lino Lacedelli.


Hayatullah Khan Durrani with Lino Lacedelli and Abdul Samad Khilji (Shaheed) along with Caab other members at the base of Concordia K-2.


K-2 Golden Jubilee Report of Chiltan adventures association Balochistan (Pak).


                       The Government of Pakistan and Italy has Proclaimed 2004 as Golden Jubilee of the first ascent of K-2 Mountains to increase National / International Awareness of the Global Impotence of Mt K-2 the highest mountain of Pakistan and second highest in the world.

                       Mt K-2 was first conquered 50 year ago on 31st July 1954 by two Italians Mountaineers (Lino Lace De Li and Contag Nonie). The Golden Jubilee of the first ascent of this majestic mountain was being celebrated by arranging various events on National as well as International level. Many Expeditions from different countries has climbed K-2 including Pak-China Friendship Expedition, Alpine Club of Pakistan (Islamabad) has Organised  Trekking Expedition to the  Base Camp of K-2  to celebrate this day of 31st July in graceful manners Jointly with the Officials and Expedition members of the Government of Italy at the Base of Mt K-2. in this regard 15 members Pakistani National Flag Barrier   Mountaineering and Caving official team of Chiltan Adventures Association Balochistan and its affiliated units was selected by the ACP (Isb) to participated in the Grand Golden Jubilee Ceremony, at the base of K-2 on 31st July 2004 followed by three members of ACP (Isb), 

                       On Friday 15th July the Governor of Balochistan Mr. Owais Ahmed Ghani invited all the Officials and Members of Chiltan Adventures Association Balochistan and its affiliated units, Alpine Club of Pakistan Balochistan Branch, Koh-e-Shin Adventures, Quetta Rock-climbing Club & Pakistan Cave Research Association, Nominated for K-2 Trekking Expedition at Governor House Quetta in a Graceful See off Ceremony and rendered the National Flag of Pakistan to Mr. Maherdil Khan Babai 12 years old junior Mountaineer of Caab for hoisting it at the base of K-2 by making  world record as first 12  years boy with his footsteps for the first time in history  at the Base of K-2 Mountains,  

                      The 15 members Mountaineers Squad was headed by Mr. Hayatullah Khan Durrani (Internationally renowned mountain climber & first Pakistani eminent Cave Explorer (Founder of Cave Exploration adventure in Pakistan) as expedition Chief the team was followed as under. 

                        Mr. Hayatullah Khan Durrani, Expedition Chief Malik Abdul Rahim Babai Team Manager Mr. Abdul Samad Khilji, Finance Manager. Mr. Muhammad Ali Khan Mandokhail. Camp Counselor. Mr. Nasibullah Khilji. Video Camera Operator Mr. Syed Taimor Shah. Still Camera Operator. Mr. Noor Muhammad Khilji. Participant Mr. Shahed Mukhtar Rajpoot. Participant Mr. Waqas Ahmad Khan. Participant Mr. Mohammad Sadique. Participant Mr. Jamal-Ud-din. Participant Mr. Ameer Hamza. Participant Mr. Abdul Wahid. Participant Mr. Ghulam Nabi. Participant Mr. Maherdil Baabai. Most Junior Member.

                        On 17th July 2005 at Rawalpindi the Expedition team was warm welcomed by Mr. Saad Tariq Siddiqi Chief instructor and secretary of the Alpine Club of Pakistan Islamabad, the team submitted the arrival report for participation in the Expedition at the office of ACP. Three members of Alpine Club of Pakistan Islamabad Mr. Rashid Ahmed, Mr. Hassan and Mr. Fizzan were found ready for expedition

                        In Concordia the ACP/ CAAB team meet the Honourable Gianni Alemanno the Minister of Agricultures and Forestry , Politics Government of Italy (Chief-De-Mission) of K-2 Golden Jubilee Ceremony) followed by Mr. Lino Lace Deli along with other officials and members of the Italian Delegation . The Pakistan official National Flag Barrier Mountaineering and Caving team of Pakistan feel proud meeting the Italian Official Delegation specially meeting with Mr. Lino Lace Deli the Great Italian Mountaineer who Climbed K-2 First time in the history on 31st July 1954, Mr. Lino Lace Deli was old but still full of spirit and courage and happiness’ the caab team congratulated the Italy Delegation for conquered of K-2 first time in the history and also appreciated the excellent Arrangements for establishment of Camp at Concordia and at the Base of K-2 for ascent of K-2 2004, the Italian Delegation were also congratulated for excellent arrangements for holding of K-2 Golden Jubilee Ceremonies in graceful manners , The honourable Minister Hon Gianni Alemanno Accepted the Invitation to visit Quetta as Guest if the Chiltan Adventures Association and Pakistan Cave Research Association in 2005 and also agreed to hold Pak-Italy Joint Mountaineering Trekking Cultural and Friendship Expeditions in Balochistan (Pak) and Italy, He also assured maximum financial support from the Government of Italy to CAAB for their project working as “ Juniper Defenders” for the protection of Juniper Forest in District Ziarat (Balochistan )The worlds 2nd largest forest of Juniper Trees.

                           Finally the Trekking expedition team reached successfully at the base of K-2 on 30th June 2004 along with Mr. Maherdil Babai 12 year Eight Months old junior Mountaineer of Chiltan Adventures Association Balochistan (Pak) and set up world record as first 12 years boy in history reached successfully at the base of K-2 Mountains on the eve of K-2 Golden Jubilee Ceremonies on 30th June 2004 by crossing all the Hiking/ trekking stages like International professionals Mountaineers as followed 25th July 2004 Trekking started from Ashkole to Johlla, to Paaijyuo, to Urdokass, to Gohrra two, to Concordia, and reached at the Base of K-2 on 30th July 2004, and also achieve the honour of waving the National Flag of Pakistan at the base of K-2.,Fizzan and Hassan of ACP (Isb) was surrendered at the stage of Concordia.

                           On return from the successful expedition to Skardo on 05 August 2004 the world record holder team was warm Welcomed in a local hotel of Skardo by Mr. Abdul Qadoos Bizenjov the Provincial Minister Live stock Balochistan.

                            At last the caab expedition team on returning home from Skardo to Rawalpindi by Passenger Bus in which they were travelling fall in to the river near Dubhair town and Four Officials and Member of the successful expedition martyred in a tragic accident including 1-Mr. Abdul Samad Khilji Secretary General, Chiltan Adventures Association. (Pak) & Deputy Director CAAB Juniper Defenders. 2- Mr. Mohammad Ali Khan Mandokhail ( Finance Secretary, Chiltan Adventures Association (Pak). Secretary General, Pakistan Cave Research Association. Deputy Chief Instructor CAAB / PCRA Training Courses Activities. Secretary General, Balochistan Sailing & Yachting Association). 3- Mr Syed Thamoor Shah (Haji) (Assistant Director CAAB / PCRA Training Courses Activities. Assistant Director CAAB Juniper Defenders). Still Photographer, CAAB/ PCRA) 4- Mr. Naseeb Ullah Khilji (Instructor CAAB / PCRA and Rock Climbing Training Courses Activities. Liaison officer CAAB Juniper Defenders. Office Secretary/Video Cameraman, Chiltan Adventures Association 5- (Aan,Jahani) Mr.Waqas Ahmad Khan (Liaison Officer, Chiltan Adventures Association.(Pak) Assistant Instructor CAAB / PCRA Rock Climbing Training Courses Activities.) was also killed and the following five Members of CAAB / PCRA and of the successful expedition was badly injured,1-Mr. Noor Mohammad Khilji (Nooro), 2- Mr. Shahid Mukhthar followed by 3- Mr.Amir Hamza, 4- Mr. Abdul Wahid, 5- Mr. Ghulam Nabi.

                              Earlier during the Caab, Pcra official meeting with Mr. Owais Ahmed Ghanni Governor of Balochistan in Governor House Quetta on 16th July 2004 an information was received from Governor about one cave located in Thira Orakzai Agency NWFP the governor also assured his full support for the exploration of said cave , there was also letter was received on 10 December 2003 after watching on PTV (the Caab Occ joint Documentary film “Caves in Balochistan” ) from Mir Samad Khan regarding information showing the location of a cave in District Batagram Hazara Division NWFP , and also from friend of hayat mr Changaizi about an other cave located in Bashoo Valley Tisaar Skardo, and subsequently two in Malam Jabba, one in Kaalam one in Bisham . However complete information was collected about caves situated in Tisaar and in Batagram and team of caab was ready for initial exploration of the above mentioned caves but unfortunately the tragic Accident vanished everything .