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Pak-Uk Joint Cave Surveying work,(Pakistan)2000

Mr.Simon James Brooks addressing to the participants and Expeditionists 7th Pak-Britain joint expedition (Pak) Mr.Hayat Durrani, Prof: Akhthar Kassi, Mr.Naeem Ahmad (Provencial Minister,Chief Guest) Malik Rahim are on stage following in 2nd row Mr A.Sammad (Sec,Gen) Mr. Abdul Ghaffar ,Mr Jan M. Durrani and other honourable guests.

Mr.Simon James Brooks,Malik Rahim Baabai & Mr.Hayat Durrani Receiving Gold medals and Shields.

Mrs Roshan Khorshid Brocha (Provencial Minister Sports) Rendering Pak National Flag to Mr.Abubakar Durrani of CAAB, PCRA (Younger Mountaineer & Caver of the World) CAAB.PCRA officials and members are standing,(March 2002)

Mr Hayatullah Durrani Receiving Pak National Flag from Governor Balochistan (March 2000) in a departure ceremony going on 110 Km Quetta to Ziarat (Pakistan's longest Walk) as Juniper Defenders, Malik Rahim Chairman is also standing.

From right to left Mr Abdul Waheed Marwat (AC Customs) Mr. Hayatullah Khan Durrani, Mrs Roshan Khorshied Barocha (Provencial Minister Sports, Chief Guest) Malik Abdul Rahim Baabai,Mr.A.R Saddiqi(Alpine CP) Ata M Kakar, and Mr M.Abubakar Durrani with Mirwaise Khan Baabai(Younger climbers) during the opening ceremony of IYM 2002 at SErena Hotel Quetta.

Mr.Simon James Brooks , Malik Abdul Rahim Baabai, Mr Hayatullah Durrani. Proff: Akhthar Mohammad Kassi, Mr Wali Khan Khilji are addressing to the Pak-Uk Team participants of 7th Pak-Britain joint expedition Pak, 2000 (Opening Ceremony)

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