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                                      (AWARD CERTIFICATE)

The Government of Balochistan Sports, Environment and Youth Affairs Departments is pleased to announce the Silver Jubilee "Juniper Defender Award" to Mr. Hayatullah Khan Durrani, on the eve Silver Jubilee of Chiltan Adventurers Association Balochistan from his long outstanding performance since 1984.
Hayatullah Khan Durrani is an environment analyst of the preservation of the 3000 years old word heritage of Juniper forests and wildlife in Ziarat and Kho-e-Zarghoon region of Balochistan Pakistan. He established Juniper Defenders center at Chautair Valley Ziarat, to educate people and create awareness, especially among young people for the protection of this important ecosystem and to take remedial measures to stop the destruction of this valuable world heritage and the endangered species within.
Hayatullah Khan Durrani is first Pakistani who lead successfully Pakistan's longest walk of 110, Km walk from Quetta to Ziarat as juniper defender and (12 Km) walk from chotair valley to Ziarat Residency, till date. He organized many expedition to the Zarghoon Mountain as juniper defenders.
He has been raising voice for environment protection in Quetta region and across the country since long and has also established tree plantation project at HDWSA Hanna Lake to protect the environment.
On the other hand Hayatullah Khan Durrani is a world class Mountaineer, Rock Climber and Pakistan's Caving Legend. His outstanding services for the beloved country have several times been awarded/ rewarded not only within the country but also on the International forums.
Wishing him all success in life.

Secretary Sports, Environment and Youth Affairs Department

Dated:- 25-10-2010 (Quetta).



Balochistan is lucky for having the 2nd largest forest of the "JUNIPER TREES " but alas so far it is very unlucky for not being able to save it. More then 35% of this forest are suffering from the Diseases "MASULLTO" and 3% of the forest is yearly vanishing as fire wood by the local people in winter due to non availability of natural gas pipe line. The treasure of Natural Gas is coming out from this division and "Juniper Valley" (Ziarat) also is in needs of this facility. A tree which has its history (life) for more then 4000 years is being cut in few seconds as fire wood. This forest is in very quick process to be vanished from this part of the World and "Chiltan Adventures Association Balochistan" has very first time raised globally voice/Movement to save it before this Juniper Valley finished from the planet Earth.Through its members called "JUNIPER DEFENDERS'


The Chiltan Adventures Association Balochistan  has plan of construction of "Explorers & Ventureres Training Institute" & and juniper defenders project office on the large area near Spin Karez in the base of Murdar Mountain Range and Juniper Defenders Base Camp at Ziarat district to provide better facilities to its members and guests with the provision of facilities of indoor Rock- Climbing , Swimming Pool , Computer / Video Lab, regarding showing relevant movies to the ventures. And to make them expert with the use of equipments for climbing descending & exploration & idea of self help & keep them ready to help Government Departments voluntarily for any Disaster. Further more all the members / Visitors from the Country and Outside will be provided with the Lodging & Boarding facilities like Hostel. Beside the same vicinity Wild life will be given special attention in a way that all the rare species like Ibex, Mar-Khore etc, of Balochistan will be kept here for Beddings to save it for the next generation.

Chiltan Adventure Association & Pakistan Cave Research Association are going to organize global walk which will start from Pakistan (Ziarat junipers Valley) and will end in Canada for the protection of worlds 2nd largest Juniper forest in "Ziarat valley" and in other parts of Balochistan Pakistan. In this connection Earlier CAAB Members has already organized two different time Pakistan's longest walk (110Km from Quetta to Ziarat valley) as Juniper Defenders in 1988 & 2000 for this noble cause and for the protection of this National & World Heritage. Now a Juniper defenders team of CAAB / PCRA will start Global walk from Ziarat valley (Heart of the Juniper World) to Toronto (Canada) this year. During this Global walk the juniper defenders will walk 10km in the capital of every country coming in the way with waving National Flag / Display cards / Banners asking world for the provision of funds / Assistance & Equipments for the protection of Juniper forest Project

Group Photographof Chiltan Adventurers Juniper Defenders in Ziarat at the end of 110 Km walk Qta to Ziarat , March: 2000


The Juniper forest can be protect and save continued with your assistance, Please send your Gifts to the:-

Chiltan Adventures Association's

Account No. 600893 National Bank Of Pakistan (City Branch) Jinnah Road Quetta (Pakistan)

CAAB JUNIPER DEFENDERS SQUAD during Walk from Quetta to Ziarat 110 KM at the Door of Ziarat.

Is there is any Organaization or person to help/assist us in the " nobal cause " Protection of Junipers Forest ?.

Pakistani Cavers
The CAAB,PCRA Juniper Defenders are sad looking at the cutted Innocent Juniper Trees at Ziarat and Zarghoon,(Where is WWF, UNDP,GREEN PEACE and other responsibles ? ).